As a private investigator, we are often asked "what exactly do you do?!" A seemingly innocent question with so many different answers. The simple response is that we'll do what it takes to get the job done. The more specific answer will be different whether you are a private individual, an attorney or someone employed at a law firm, an insurance adjuster, claims representative or otherwise employed by a carrier, a prospective employer or employee, or anyone else. Each and every case is always different and requires a different approach. We can handle it all, even if what you're looking for isn't listed below. Contact us today and we'll discuss your specific needs



The surveillance team at Caveman Investigations is comprised of seasoned investigators with years of field experience. We are available, often on very short notice, with state of the art equipment and are prepared to capture the evidence you need during any undercover surveillance operation. Our teams come armed with modern cameras including hi-definition handheld units as well as digital under-cover devices for situations where remaining discreet is of the utmost importance.

It takes more than meets the eye to be successful in these types of operations and no two cases are alike. Methods that work well in a suburban neighborhood don't always equate to success in the middle of New York City! Fortunately the surveillance team at Caveman Investigations is prepared in advance to handle surveillance in the suburban neighborhoods of Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as in the 5 boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan and beyond.

locating witnesses and persons of interest

While a witness is typically thought of as someone who observed a certain event taking place, oftentimes they could just be someone who is believed to have information. In some cases, the names and contact information of a witness are known, while many times the idea of a potential witness is nothing more than a hopeful thought. No matter the situation the team at Caveman Investigations is prepared to help find what (and who) you're looking for!

Our expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain information about subjects, even those who do not wish to be found! Multiple resources are tapped to locate insureds, claimants, witnesses or any other interested party or entity for the purposes of speaking or interviewing someone, obtaining their signed statement, or obtaining facts and information necessary for the proper evaluation of a case.

legal support/litigation support/trial prep

Our trial preparation services help win cases. We offer subpoena services including the preparation of documents as well as legal service in New York City (license numbers 1201127-DCA and 2104250-DCA) and have years of experience serving all types of process in Nassau, Suffolk and beyond! We also offer case pick up and review, trial assistance and monitoring, court filing assistance and any other aspect of your case which requires a special touch.

Our witness escort team is available for those times when someone's appearance is necessary and their level of cooperation is questionable. Of course we're also still available for that last minute background search, surveillance, witness or client locate, document service and any other last minute needs! Searches can be conducted in an effort to confirm an interested person's involvement in litigation which was previously unknown.

After serving the various subpoenas needed for a case, we remain in touch with the courts to determine when records arrive. Once available, we can review and copy the material for you and of course we can follow up with entities upon whom service was completed and who have not yet submitted the required information (and/or appearance) in a timely manner.

process service/subpoena service

Did you know that service of all process within the 5 boroughs of New York City requires at least 2 different licenses? Don't risk your case by choosing the wrong process server!

Caveman Investigations is a licensed New York City Process Server Agency (license number 2104250-DCA) while our managing member Richard Cave is a licensed New York City Individual Process Server (license number 1201127-DCA). We are experts at serving all types process throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as in the 5 boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan and beyond!

When you need a process server, you need someone who knows the rules and understands how to get the job done. Our team goes above and beyond most process servers by using our experience and access to multiple sources of information. We won't just blindly visit an address as listed on the document to be served but will do what it takes to obtain information about the person to be served to ensure their timely receipt of the document.

background investigations

The term "Background Investigation" is quite broad and Caveman Investigations is here to help find what you're looking for. We have the experience to know where to begin. Whether we are conducting an asset search regarding an entity or an individual, or running a "skip trace" in an effort to obtain the address of a witness who needs to be found. Our services including detailed reports to digest the information returned from various sources.

Some of the services we provide include background searches or background investigations, social media searches or social media investigations, asset searches or asset investigations, skip traces, witness locates, criminal history searches, motor vehicle records searches, court case searches, etc.

Our reports will lay out the various names an individual might use as well as their partial date of birth and/or social security (as well as every partial date of birth and social security number that could potentially be associated with an individual). Often returned are numerous addresses where someone might currently be associated as well as where they've been in the past along with information about their associates and the places where they could have worked. Telephone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles are often available as well as information about other court cases that might involve any particular individual or company.

site/accident scene investigations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's exactly why you need the team at Caveman Investigations to handle your site investigation. Our experienced team will visit an area of interest and capture the details in photos and videos. We'll take measurements as well as collect any potential evidence and locate other sources of information (such as a potential off site camera with a view of the subject area).

fact gathering/lead building

Having "boots on the ground" is often the only way to get the information you're looking for. Whether that encompasses visiting the scene of an accident, visiting someone's workplace or residence, or driving along a particular stretch of road, the team at Caveman Investigations is ready to find the facts and obtain the information needed. One visit is all it sometimes takes to find that previously unknown witness or perhaps secure the cooperation of a witness who was previously un-cooperative.

court records

We will search for litigation involving persons or entities of interest. Research will be conducted at the federal level as well as locally in New York within Supreme Courts as well as the city civil courts and criminal courts. We can locate cases that might involve a particular individual or entity and oftentimes can obtain the documentation which is associated with the file.

motor vehicle records

Our experienced team has access to databases which can confirm someone's license status in New York and other areas. We can find convictions, suspensions, revocations, as well as insurance and registration information. Certified copies of motor vehicle accident reports and other data from the DMV system can be obtained.

investigation/case analysis

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can find something which had been overlooked by others in the past. If you have a case which was previously investigated by another firm, let the team at Caveman Investigations take a look. We'll review the data and come up with a plan to continue moving forward. Sometimes a witness who refuses to cooperate with one investigator might have a completely different attitude with another. There are also times when we find someone who finally decides to tell the truth after having been previously deceitful. Or course we also see instances where someone in the past was either unable to complete the task, or did so in an unsatisfactory manner.